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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer

Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer. A Living Dead Love Story.

Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer

Medallion Press
Publication Date: May 2011
List Price: $9.95
ISBN-13: 9781605423821

Review: It is a mysterious, never-ending, read-on zombie novel written by, Rusty Fischer, and it is called Zombies Don't Cry: Book One in A Living Dead Love Story. Rusty Fischer has written many books based on the paranormal romance genre about zombies, vampires, demons, ghouls, and werewolves. But prior to writing Zombies Don't Cry, Fischer has not written any series books. Fortunately now he has! The next book in the Living Dead Love Story is titled Zombies Don't Forgive. The main characters of this book are Maddy Swift - a girl never wanted this to happen to her….. Stamp - a cute guy who's a magnet to a certain living-dead….. Dane - the guy with a secret love interest….. Chloe - Zombie 1….. Bones - someone who went berserker….., and Dahlia - who went berserker too…..

Maddy Swift is your typical high school kid. She's a junior at Barracuda Bay High. It's not long before she meets a hot new boy, Stamp, who she keeps bumping into in hope of winning his love. Finally, her wish comes true, and he asks her out. But, she soon finds out that she should be careful what she wishes for! While sneaking out to see Stamp at a party on a stormy night, Maddy gets electrocuted by lightning. At 1:00 AM, she wakes up, trying to figure out why she feels so different, shuffling around and feeling like Jello, Maddy's worst fear becomes reality. She has become everyone's greatest fear ... the living-dead. Now she must survive her new life without any body-heat or even a heartbeat. Fortunately, she meets Dane and Chloe in the most unlikely place, a grocery store, and they help her deal with her unfortunate condition and the unwanted Zerkers: Bones and Dahlia. And for the Fall Formal, the High School is in a total chaos full of football Zerkers, and Bones and Dahlia fight to turn everyone into Zerkers. Will Maddy, Dane and Stamp survive? Or will the Zerkers conquer all of Florida….?

I loved Rusty Fischer's, Zombies Don't Cry tremendously. It let my imagination run wild! Fischer's writing style created visual images in my brain that consumed me! For example, to increase the tension in a fight, he writes, "Only then do I really consider where she's fallen after she dropped the boom box and electrified the entire room: half on the floor, half on Chloe's lifeless body. She must have avoided the full shock of the current by being just far enough off the watery floor." He uses his writing style to increase suspense and create mood. Plus, the characters are well developed and leave the reader wanting to read more about them. I would suggest this book to young adults who really enjoy the supernatural genre or who have read any other books written by Rusty Fischer. Like I said, this book was phenomenal. If you need a book that will keep your mind engaged from the first page to the last, then you should read Zombies Don't Cry! And I'm sure you like it just as much as I did. I'm off to buy my next Rusty Fischer book now!

Review written by Andrea (8th grade student).

We would like to thank Medallion Press for providing a copy of Zombies Don't Cry for this review.

Have you read Zombies Don't Cry? How would you rate it?

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  1. It's impossible not to get caught up in your enthusiasm for this book! Sounds like an exciting read!