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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review: The Hero's Trail by T. A. Barron

The Hero's Trail by T. A. Barron.

The Hero's Trail by T. A. Barron

Puffin Books
Publication Date: February 2007
List Price: $6.99
ISBN-13: 9780142407608

Review: If you're looking for a book about hardships that did not end in failure, then, The Hero's Trail by T.A. Barron is a perfect choice. It is about how people with diseases and just other problems in general don't let them give up. Even though them may be faced with ridicule, they showed determination.

In The Hero's Trail, it shows that someone with polio even turned out to be one of the fastest people in the worldÉmaybe even the fastest! Wilma Rudolph had polio, and she could walk and run like other kids did, unlike other people with polio. Soon she broke records and became the fastest woman in the world! But not all of the stories in this book are all about having a disease. The Hero's Trail is also about a man named Glenn Cunningham had been scorched by an old stove, and his legs were seriously scorched leaving almost no muscle remaining! The family and especially Glenn prayed that he would be able to walk and run again. He slowly felt feeling around his legs. He moved his toes and his knees. And soon he was walking around his room. Then he started breaking records. All of them were determined to keep on going. There are even more people in the book like, Sherwin Long and many other people that fought through.

This book should be told to everyone, in every age. But some of the vocabulary may be challenging for younger readers. But otherwise, this book is amazing. It has crazy stories of one of the most famous people ever! And they may have had things happen to them that you never knew about. But they fought through. And that is what I admire most about these people. And that is what I think that I what the author (T.A. Barron) is trying to get across: to determinate. Determination got them through their hardships. And Glenn Cunningham prayed to get better. And that is what I think is the best type of determination there is. And ever was! All of the people in this book wanted to conquer what had happened; and they did! Just with determination. They did anything they could in their power to fix it. I also love how some of the people didn't care what other people thought of him or her. They knew they were amazing. They knew they would conquer the disease and/or problem. And they did. This book is as amazing as the people in it. Buy it or check it out at your local library and enjoy!

Review written by Tommy (6th grade student).

We would like to thank T. A. Barron for providing a copy of The Hero's Trail for this review.

Have you read The Hero's Trail? How would you rate it?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Promise Bound by Anne Greenwood Brown

Promise Bound by Anne Greenwood Brown. The Third Installment in her Mermaid Trilogy.

Promise Bound by Anne Greenwood Brown

Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: January 2014
List Price: $17.99
ISBN-13: 9780385743839

Review: There are creatures that can breathe in water. They call them mermaids. They're all around you, living next to you, eating with you. You don't know what they really are, and they don't mind. They practice their manors and await the real frenzy that enhances as you hit the water. In the thrilling closing to Lies Beneath and Deep Betrayal, Anne Greenwood Brown gives you Promise Bound, as serious as it sounds.

Falling in love is a roller coaster. Caldor and Lily never think that it would go down, but when it does, they crash. Lily has taken the duty of guarding Nadia's pendant, but that includes sleeping through the dead mer's memories. Stuck to the conclusion that Nadia wants Caldor to find his real parents, Lily makes a tough decision that could end it all. All the while though, trouble is brewing when mortal, Jack, takes the responsibility of Pavati's new child. And the two mer sisters quarrel for the leadership of the clan and the loyalty of Lily and her father.

Any young adult readers will melt into the book and experience the journey right along with Lily and Caldor. Through heart-breaking break-offs, turf wars for leadership, and emotional conflicts, come along with Caldor and Lily as they figure out what life is all about. You race right along with them on the beaches, in the waters, and through all the dangers the fighting mer's put them through. Go through Lily's experiences, Caldor's choices, and the decision that seals their fate.

Review written by Emily (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Random House for providing a copy of Promise Bound for this review.

Have you read Promise Bound? How would you rate it?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Review: Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly by Conrad Wesselhoeft

Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly by Conrad Wesselhoeft.

Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly by Conrad Wesselhoeft

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
Publication Date: April 2014
List Price: $17.99
ISBN-13: 9780544232693

Review: Have you ever had to go through grief and pain? In Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly by, Conrad Wesselhoef, A teenager named Arlo has to get over grief when his mom dies. How will he get over the grief? Will he suffer or prosper? Follow Arlo and his epic stunts in Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly!

Five months ago Arlo's mom had died. When she had one to the shop to get Arlo's sister Purple Gatorade, some lunatic shot her. Siouxsie (Arlo's little sister) is still grieving because she took it harder then Arlo did, Arlo loves his mom, but he has different ways to deal with the grief. He rides his dirt bike, and he plays a game called Drone Pilot. When Arlo beats the top player in it, a person from the Air Force, he gets a message from someone who works with the Air Force. Because of Arlo's amazing score in Drone Pilot, he is invited to join the Air Force in Texas. This opens Arlo up to many challenges; one of which is to beat all the other pilots in the trial.

Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly is a great book. I love the tragic scenes and the action that filled the pages of this book. It shows a relationship between tragedy and action. It is nice to know how all people have different ways to deal with grief; people should know that there isn't one "right" way. I recommend this book to people 12 and up. The book isn't appropriate for younger kids because of the language. A boy might like the book more than the girl because it is mostly about motorcycles, drones and much other action filled objects. This book has many stunts in it, and some end up good while others end up bad. In essence, Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly, combines a perfect balance of action and tragedy.

Review written by Matthew (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for providing a copy of Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly for this review.

Have you read Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly? How would you rate it?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: Atlantis Rising by T. A. Barron

Atlantis Rising by T. A. Barron. An Atlantis Trilogy Book.

Atlantis Rising by T. A. Barron

Philomel Books
Publication Date: September 2013
List Price: $17.99
ISBN-13: 9780399257575

Review: In the magical land called Ellegandia, a boy named Promi survives by stealing cakes, pastries, and all sorts of sweets. When Promi steals a cake from the Divine Monk, his entire life is turned upside down. He is thrown into a dangerous dungeon, and learns of a prophecy. A prophecy that tells of someone just like him, who will bring an end to all magic. Promi wants nothing to do with this, yet he is pulled him into a battle not only on Earth, but also within the spirit realm. T.A Barron tells of the adventures of Promi in Atlantis Rising.

Atlantis Rising was amazing the entire time. Right from the start, I was hooked. Whenever something needed explaining, it was done in an exciting style. Anytime the book got boring, it quickly jumped back into action, opening my eyes and mouth even wider. For example, when Promi is having a conversation with a monk in the dungeon, the conversation ends abruptly by a scream that echoes through the corridors. Furthermore, I was astonished by the description in this book. For instance, in the forest, the leaves are mysteriously described as their color changes. Also, the characters in this book are very well developed, and you instantly form some connection to them. (Whether it be good or bad.) For example, the monk, Bonlo, has a very short part in the story, but has a big impact. Bonlo tells about a prophecy in the land of Ellegandia before he leaves the story. Boys and girls of all ages would enjoy Atlantis Rising. It is full of diverse, exciting moments, but still has a fantastic storyline.

Review written by Josh (6th grade student).

We would like to thank T. A. Barron for providing a copy of Atlantis Rising for this review.

Have you read Atlantis Rising? How would you rate it?