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Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story by Marion Dane Bauer

The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story by Marion Dane Bauer. A Very Little Princess Story.

The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story by Marion Dane Bauer

Random House Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: August 2011
List Price: $12.99
ISBN-13: 9780375856921

Review: There are many amazing books, but this one is unique among others. It is called The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story and was written by Marion Dane Bauer, a Newberry Honor-winning author. The main character in the series is a doll princess named Regina, which means queen in Latin. This book was written after the first book in the series, The Very Little Princess: Zoey's story. Regina may be small, but she makes a big change.

The story starts when a young girl named Rose finds Regina in the attic. At first sight, Rose likes her because of the slight attitude displayed on her face. Soon, Rose notices this doll has more than just attitude on her face, but also in her voice and actions. Regina is pampered and cared for by Rose and is occasionally forgotten, but after being alone too long, she would fall back asleep. Luckily, Rose could wake her and would pamper her even more than ever. While caring for Regina one night, her older brother, Sam, walks into her room. Once he catches sight of Regina, he launches them all into conversation about how he once cared for her, too. Regina is happier than ever to be with the both of them. One night, Regina is placed in the dollhouse while Rose goes out to play. When Rose is late in returning, Regina begins to worry and feels lonely. Will all this neglecting lead to another long rest? Will Rose return in time to play with Regina? It's hard to tell now, but the questions can all be answered by reading this book.

The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story is very appealing in multiple ways. Because it focuses on a doll, it has a youthful sense to it. I felt jubilant as if I were a worry-free child again while reading this book. This book is always keeping the reader on their toes. You'll never know whether Rose can manage caring for Regina or not. This also teaches the reader that when something is important to you, it has to be worth the care you give it. If you don't give your attention to it one hundred percent of your time, it can't always be worth the hassle to keep. Rose cares for Regina on and off because she only matters to Rose sometimes. Pictures help with visualization in this story, which is particularly helpful for young readers. Although this story is youthful, it teaches a life-long important lesson for all ages.

Review written by Kelly (7th grade student).

We would like to thank Random House for providing a copy of The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story for this review.

Have you read The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story? How would you rate it?

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