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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: Vamplayers by Rusty Fischer

Vamplayers by Rusty Fischer. A Living Dead Story.

Vamplayers by Rusty Fischer

Medallion Press
Publication Date: December 2011
List Price: $9.95
ISBN-13: 9781605424491

Review: Forget about those weird vampires in the Twilight series where the vampires sparkle and a human, a vampire, and a werewolf are all in a stupid love triangle. Vamplayers is a book for people who love violent vampires who AREN'T in a love triangle. This story takes place at a high school full of normal high schoolers; well at least we hope it is. Well it's all up to the sisters to put an acid arrow through any vampires they see, or at least hunt them down. Oh wait, that's not their job, that's the Saviors jobs, the other ranking of slayers. The Saviors swoop into high schools, infested with Vampires, wearing red leather jumpsuits and wielding a crossbow filled with acid arrows to put the vampires down with deadly awesomeness and put a stop to the infestation. A Sister's job is to prevent infestation and stop it before it begins. Would you rather be an awesome vampire, a royal one, or a Savior/Sister? Well you might want to think again about being a royal Vampire. A vampire might just get an acid arrow through their hearts, if they even have one?

The book, Vamplayers, by Rusty Fischer, is set on the Nightshade Conservatory's for Exceptional Boys and Girls. A high school filled with any old high schoolers you would find in any other high school. But then there are the vampires, who secretly go to the high school looking to neck on some people (literally). That's the boy's job; to go to school, get the girl he wants, becomes their boyfriend, and bite them. That's the way to gather vampires according to the vampires. The other group of vampires are the royals, which means they were born a vampire, not born human and then turned. The royal vampire's name is Bianca, who's the most popular and most attractive girl of the school. Her boyfriend, Tristan, is the sleekest and sexiest vamplayer. The sisters, Lily, Cara, and Alice, are called up to go to Nightshade Conservatory for Exceptional Boys and Girls. They need to be sent and to do another run-of-the-mill gig, at least that they think it is because of the past assignments. They will spot the Vamplayer (Part Vampire, Part Player), identify the predictably hot trampy girl his eyes are spot on and befriend her before the Vamplayer can turn her to do his bidding. For the sisters, finding the sleek and sexy, Tristan, and his beautiful target Bianca, will be easy. The sisters get to the huge school and find the school is filled with a couple hundred too many students. Lily Fieldings is just a sister, a third sister at that! The smallest sister of the ranking of sisters. Lily meets Zander, a nerd at school, fortunately, not a vampire. He is bullied by Bianca and Tristan who hates Zander. Lily falls under Zander's love spell once she cooperates with Zander. Her sisters Alice and Cara turn their backs on Lily and it is all up to Lily to find Bianca and befriend her before Tristan can turn Bianca, but she has one problem, Bianca's popularity and her sisters. This book is full of left and right suspense where drama is everywhere from inside the school to outside the school. Vamplayers is a great action book filled with love, drama, action and suspense. This book was one of the best Vampire books I have ever read.

Vamplayers, by Rusty Fischer, I think is a book for children in the grade of 6th or higher. I make this statement because of its language and mild violence. Some of the scenes may be too intense for kids under 6th grade. When I was reading this book, when I got to a scene that either used major language or intense violence, I would be startled by it because it came so unexpectedly. In one scene towards the end of the book, it states the feeling of vampires condensing the holy water into them. They described everything to the heat to the sizzles of the burn. It didn't seem like a nice situation. I never said this book was bad for the scenes, I just said that the scenes are for older eyes only. To me, I loved this book for these scenes because I love these types of scenes. More of these books would be great, especially a sequel, that includes the same characters. Now that type of sequel is something I would read, so in my opinion, and probably yours, this was a great book overall. I fell in love with the book, Vamplayers, by Rusty Fischer.

Review written by Logan (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Medallion Press for providing a copy of Vamplayers for this review.

Have you read Vamplayers? How would you rate it?

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  1. I really like the way you described the storyline and characters, and gave a detailed "this is why I liked the book" description of it in your review of this book. It gives prospective readers a very good overview of what to expect. Thank you!