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Monday, May 4, 2015

Review: Under the Light by Laura Whitcomb

Under the Light by Laura Whitcomb.

Under the Light by Laura Whitcomb

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
Publication Date: May 2013
List Price: $8.99
ISBN-13: 9780544302945

Review: Have you ever wondered if ordinary people had the power to shift out of their bodies? To be able to roam the earth as ghosts? Well if you were wondering that, the answer is obviously yes! If you had the power to bend light or stop time would you do it? These are just a fraction of the questions you will encounter while you read this amazing book called Under The Light by Laura Whitcomb.

Now you are probably asking yourself, What? Bending light? Stopping time? That is impossible! or is it? In this magical book, a young teenage girl named Jenny faces many problems. Her mom is way too religious and her dad hates the fact that she is growing up into a woman. Throwing away preciouses artifacts such as clothes and jewelry into the black bag because her parents think that it is to adult like or inappropriate for her age is really bad luck. Even if its just hoop earrings or brown panty hoses, or a black scarf! Having such strict parents might seem like the worst thing in the world, but it is actually a good thing. She thought living was a bust and a waste of time, until Helen arrived. At first she did not know who or what Helen was, what she did know was that once Helen came, she ruined everything. What will a person do to see his or her love again? That's one question that Helen did not mind asking. A person will do anything to see his or her loved on again, even if it meant invading the space and ruining the life of a hopeless teenager that has already had enough bad luck in her life. Helen is a ghost, she needed a body to see and touch the face of her long lost loved one. After Helen takes over Jenny's body, Jenny is now left to fly the world as a spirit, not a ghost. Along the way of finding herself a spirit shelter, she notices her body jumping and dancing with another boy at ballet, but she was too heavy, but then she finally realizes, as a spirit, no boy will ever pick her up. She is abandoned, with nobody to help her find her way, nobody to guide her, nobody to help her get her body back.

This book is great for anybody enjoys reading everything about love, revenge, and fighting for your rights and your freedoms. If you like spirits, ghosts, and phantoms, this is a very good book for you too. This book has a medium level of swears and bad words that may be inappropriate or unsafe for children. In some parts of the book the main characters tend to swear in times of need or during challenging times. This book is great for teenagers and young adults, and if you don't mind the swearing, this can also be a good book for kids. If you are a parent trying to buy a book for a child's birthday and are thinking of purchasing this book, be aware of the swear content. The author who wrote this book made it very serious so if you are a childish and immature person, than this book is not the best choice for you. Float along with Jenny's scared spirit and help her get back her body. Watch over her like her guardian ghost Helen. Stand with Jenny as she fights for her rights. But whatever you do, don't let get sucked into the dark and evil void, or else she will be lost forever.

Review written by Julie (6th grade student).

Have you read Under the Light? How would you rate it?

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