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Monday, May 4, 2015

Review: Hollywood, Dead Ahead by Kate Klise

Hollywood, Dead Ahead by Kate Klise. Book 5 in the 43 Old Cemetery Road Series.

Hollywood, Dead Ahead by Kate Klise

Harcourt Childrens Books
Publication Date: April 2013
List Price: $15.99
ISBN-13: 9780547852836

Review: Lights, camera, action! Ignatius B. Grumply, Olive C. Spence and Seymour Hope are all set for Hollywood to make their book 43 Old Cemetery Road a new blockbuster film! Film producer Moe Block Buster is sure to make them stars, and the movie a big hit! But all goes wrong with one signature Mr. Grumply is sure too regret. Read on Hollywood, Dead Ahead!

The trio is packing up for Hollywood where their smash hit 43 Old Cemetery Road will hope to become a topper on the movie charts. Furthermore, the rode to fame took it's turn for the worst; the group has just found out that Olive will not be incorporated in the film nor Seymour. Mr. Grumply sorrowful of his mistake promises Olive the best of their trip to L.A; but poor Ignatius couldn't keep that up. Aforementioned, Olive would not be featured in the film, though Ivana Oscar has replaced her she is singed in to a one terrible contact. Olive finds out that Ivana is signed into a death clause, therefore saying that she would have to die with natural or unnatural causes. Want to find out the rest of the ghastly story well read on in Hollywood, Dead Ahead!

Hollywood, Dead Ahead is a fantastic book! The creators are very creative with their characters and the wondrous journeys the trio takes. Their books have humor a bit of suspense as well, which keeps you engaged throughout the book. Overall, I did enjoy this book and I feel the age range of 7-12 would fit their interest level.

Review written by Arsima (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for providing a copy of Hollywood, Dead Ahead for this review.

Have you read Hollywood, Dead Ahead? How would you rate it?

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