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Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: The Wavering Werewolf by David Lubar

The Wavering Werewolf by David Lubar. A Monsterific Tale.

The Wavering Werewolf by David Lubar

Publication Date: January 2014
List Price: $15.99
ISBN-13: 9780765330796

Review: When Norman goes on a fieldtrip to Miller Forest, he seems to get lost thinking about different sorts of fungi. Then he hears a half-growl, half-snarl sound. This is where The Wavering Werewolf by David Lubar becomes a real page-turner!

"Yeeyouch" It nipped my nose. Then it leaped away from me.Ó After Norman is bitten by a wolf from the forest, some strange things start happening---Better vision without his glasses, itchy skin, and he becomes more athletic. Norman starts to wonder about these changes and concludes his search with the keyword, werewolf. After a long time of convincing arguments, Norman manages to get his friend Sebastian to believe in this too. With his friend at his side, will Norman ever become human again? Will Norman be able to do this before the full moon? These are all great questions with astonishing answers only found in The Wavering Werewolf!

I would easily give this book a five star (out of five) rating! The Wavering Werewolf manages to keep me on the edge of my seat with its hilarious and amusing content! "He was encroaching my territory. I had to defend it. My hand curled into a claw. I hauled back and slashed across at the head of the invader." I think The Wavering Werewolf would be more appealing to people with interests in werewolves, action, and comedy. For people with those interests, I highly recommend The Wavering Werewolf by David Lubar. Once again, I would give this book five stars.

Review written by Diana (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Starscape/TOR for Teens for providing a copy of The Wavering Werewolf for this review.

Have you read The Wavering Werewolf? How would you rate it?

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