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Friday, April 24, 2015

Review: The Castle Crime by Ron Roy

The Castle Crime by Ron Roy. An A to Z Mysteries Super Edition.

The Castle Crime by Ron Roy

Random House Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: January 2014
List Price: $5.99
ISBN-13: 9780385371599

Review: If you like mysteries or are thinking about becoming a detective when you grow up, then you should read this book! A to Z mysteries: The Castle Crime by Ron Roy is an adventurous book with a mystery that will keep you entertained. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose go on a trip they will never forget. This is the 6th book in the super edition series.

In The Castle Crime, Dink Josh and Ruth Rose travel to London! The kids get to explore several huge buildings like the Big Ben and Madame Tussauds. While Dink Josh and Ruth Rose were at Madame Tussauds, viewing the wax sculptures of famous people, a big story hits the news. Someone has stolen the queen's crown and necklace! Now Dink Josh and Ruth Rose won't stop until they find her jewels. If they are successful, Dink Josh and Ruth Rose will be rewarded 15,000 dollars! And the children might just meet some special people along the way. The real detectives are taking a while to find her jewels. But can the three kids help find Queen Elizabeth's jewels?

The Castle Crime is fun to read and is an interesting book. I would recommend it to early chapter book readers who like mysteries. It is simple enough for the younger kids to read and grasp the concept of the storyline. But the older kids will stay interested because of all the action in the book. It kept my interest because the author ended the chapters right before or after the kids found something interesting or solved the crime. It was hard for me to put the book down and I was always dying to find out what happened next! This book is realistic fiction. It is believable but didn't really happen. The Castle Crime kept my suspense and left me always wanting more. My favorite part of the book is when Dink Josh and Ruth Rose find their first clue. This book is adventurous, amusing, and exciting in all the finest ways! I hope you enjoy it too!

Review written by Annika (th grade student).

We would like to thank Random House for providing a copy of The Castle Crime for this review.

Have you read The Castle Crime? How would you rate it?

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