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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Enders by Lissa Price

Enders by Lissa Price. The Sequel to Starters.

Enders by Lissa Price

Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: March 2012
List Price: $17.99
ISBN-13: 9780385742498

Review: Have you ever felt as if your friends weren't acting like themselves? Was there another person inside them, controlling them? In our reality, no, but in Enders the sequel to Starters by Lissa Price that is a common occurrence. Many poor starters need money after the war, and without middles to provide it for them, the next best option is the chip implant a metal chip that allows Enders to access your body and take control while you take a little nap. Prime is gone, so Callie can't be accessed with her special chip, or so she thinks. Being an M.A.D (Multiple Access Donner) is no laughing matter. Now Callie must go on a journey to save her family and friends, and herself.

Callie Woodland knows that she is special. Now with a M.A.D chip implanted in her brain, she has a direct line to the Old Man. To save her little brother's life, she must go to him, but a roadblock stands in her way. Now presenting himself as the Old Man's son, Hyden works to help Callie block out his evil father. But Callie doesn't want to be the only one protected, she persuades Hyden to help her rescue other starters, gaining their trust. Old friends are reunited, but one voice blocks them all out. A father's voice. Callie's father has returned to her head, convincing Hyden; Michael, Hyden, and her set off to find him, but along the way Callie will meet people, trouble, and see things she has never wanted to see.

Enders is a great successor of Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games, with riveting romance, breathtaking twists, and surprising secrets; Enders will have anyone on the edge of their seats. It would be intended for higher-level readers due to larger and complicated words. Will Callie reunite her family? Can she find out the old man's ticks or will she have to unlock untold histories to find out? Discover them along with her in Enders.

Review written by Emily (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Random House for providing a copy of Enders for this review.

Have you read Enders? How would you rate it?

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