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Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Tides by Betsy Cornwell

Tides by Betsy Cornwell.

Tides by Betsy Cornwell

Clarion Books
Publication Date: June 2013
List Price: $16.99
ISBN-13: 9780547927725

Review: Love and truth, Selkies and humans. The Isles of Shoals is where this whole beautiful secret started. Noah Gallagher and his sister, Lo, go to an island cottage where their grandmother lives. She tells them fascinating stories about picturesque Selkies and appalling humans. One day, Noah's out running and he ends up trying to save a mysterious girl's life. Who is this girl and why is she so different? Betsy Cornwell has written this underwater story Tides.

Noah and his sister, Lo, are visiting their grandmother for the summer. Noah and Lo left the mainland to get away from their parents and their problems. Noah finally gets a job at an aquatic center on the island before he goes off to college in the fall. Noah enjoys running, so he does it every night after work. One afternoon, while Noah is out running he hears a person drowning, or so he thinks. He goes to where he hears the splashing and finds out it is a girl coming up the shore. She is different from other people and when she speaks to him her voice is firm but beautiful. It is the smoothest sound Noah has ever heard in his life. He learns more about this girl and something outrageous and horrible happens. But what possible thing could destroy this perfection?

Tides in one of the most creative stories I've ever read! The setting of deep blue water and still quiet islands makes this story very descriptive and it makes you feel at home. I am only a little like one character. Lo, Noah's sister likes art and drawing. I myself love to draw and be creative. Even though I don't have a connection, the characters are very interesting, especially the Selkies. They have the ability to change from a seal into a human and vice versa. Betsy Cornwell's writing style definitely makes the story move. The way she described the setting and the emotions of the characters in the book was amazing and her writing not only makes a picture in your head, but you can feel it too. When Noah and Lo's grandmother says, ÒNo one is happy in the inbetween.Ó Readers question what the inbetween is and who really isn't happy there? Read this dramatic story and find out! Tides is for girls between grades 6-8 and although it begins very relaxed, it becomes more unperceptive and tender. Tides is written in third person point of view which makes the reader more connected with the characters. This story taught me that love will find a way and to always follow my heart.

Review written by Ada (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Houghton Mifflin for providing a copy of Tides for this review.

Have you read Tides? How would you rate it?

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