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Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Fast and Furious: On Land, In the Air, On the Water by Ticktock

Fast and Furious: On Land, In the Air, On the Water by Margaret Parrish.

Fast and Furious: On Land, In the Air, On the Water by Ticktock

Octopus Publishing Group
Publication Date: June 2013
List Price: $9.99
ISBN-13: 9781848987333

Review: Vroom Vroom, Whoosh Whoosh, Pshh Pshh is what I hear and see when I read Fast and Furious by Tick Tock Publishers, a descriptive and informative book where readers learn about radical planes, rapid cars or motorcycles, and rocket-fast boats.

The book includes exciting facts about major mods of transportation. In example the F-117A Nighthawk or the bandit, a plane that is made to jam enemy radar signals and for a fact its engine would let it go to a speed of Mach 1! Also from the many cars comes the powerful Bugatti Veyron 16.4, a car that could actually fly if it weren't for clever aerodynamics. It may seem dangerous since it can go faster than 250 mph but thanks to safety technology you are secure. Or maybe you might like boats more like the gigantic Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier which is one the biggest warship ever built and can hold up about a small town and this still doesn't even include pilots or soldiers, also this ship doesn't need to be refueled for 20 years and can be used for 50 years. These are just some of the amazing facts it gives about these vehicles. Fast and Furious won't make you be bored after ten minutes since it's short like any other vehicle book because of its variety that includes these, and other planes, automobiles, or boats.

Fast and Furious is great for early elementary students because of its action-packed vehicles. It's exactly what a little boy would adore. Also all the information which it gives, for example on all the pages it includes all its statistics and facts, it also includes eye-popping pictures, which grasp what it is trying to say, also the book includes many descriptive and helpful words {i.e. example the plane goes faster than the speed of sound or the ship can hold up to a town and more!} that lets you see the picture clearly and understand which helps kids bring their imagination and reading skills to full extent, and it captures attention without the obvious and typical unnecessary violence. On the other hand though the vocabulary is to challenging for the intended reader, for instance Mach 1 or stats, and there weren't more illustrations of soaring planes going into action in an emergency or a rescue boat out at sea which would also add to the excitement. However, overall this is a successfully written book for the young readers.

Review written by Tej (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Ticktock for providing a copy of Fast and Furious: On Land, In the Air, On the Water for this review.

Have you read Fast and Furious: On Land, In the Air, On the Water? How would you rate it?

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