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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: 2:32 AM by Emily Ford

2:32 AM by Emily Ford. The first book of The Djinn Master's Legacy.

2:32 AM by Emily Ford

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Publication Date: May 2012
List Price: $5.99
ISBN-13: B0077276KG

Review: Paranormal activity can be very fascinating. There are many different crazy events, objects, and even people. You hear about vampires and werewolves all the time, but you don't hear about genies very often, do you? Genies are an incredible subject to read about. I read all about genies in the remarkable book 2:32 a.m. by Emily Ford.

Catherine and her family have recently moved to California. One night, she has a strange dream about a man sitting on the edge of her bed. He makes her feel calm, not afraid. She wakes up at 2:32 a.m. Later, the man she dreamed about tells her that he is a genie, and has been a genie for over 400 years. He is looking for somebody to transfer his powers to. He has picked her. Cat doesn't know if she should accept his legacy or not. Finally, she decides to accept it. During the process of gaining his powers, an evil genie named Valentine plans to steal the power. Cat successfully gains all his power and destroys Valentine. Meanwhile, she has problems with her boyfriend, Tom, and another genie named Rolf.

This book is okay. It has a very interesting plot, but there are some inappropriate parts. I think this book should be for ages 13 and up. The problem is, anybody over 13 might not like the book as much because they are older and would want to read books with plots that are meant for their age. Not a book about genies. I give 2:32 a.m. 2 stars. I did like how this book is organized, and I liked the action parts. This book has a lot of parts with Catherine going out partying with her friends, and those sections are not very attention grabbing. I could not relate with the main character at all because she is much older than me, which means that an older reader might connect better and overall enjoy the book more - as long as they enjoy genies. All in all, I did not enjoy this book, but a different reader might.

Review written by Lilia (6th grade student).

We would like to thank JKS Communications for providing a copy of 2:32 AM for this review.

Have you read 2:32 AM? How would you rate it?

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