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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: White House Kids by Joe Rhatigan

White House Kids by Joe Rhatigan.

White House Kids by Joe Rhatigan

Imagine Publishing
Publication Date: July 2012
List Price: $14.95
ISBN-13: 9781936140800

Review: "Everyone who lives in the White House to some degree feels like they are living in a goldfish bowl," said Luci Johnson, daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson. White House Kids by Joe Rhatigan is full of quotes like this, along with educational and entertaining facts about the sons, daughters, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews of the American presidents.

White House Kids includes four chapters. The first covers the first kids who lived in the White House, which is about the earliest presidents' kids. The second chapter is about media coverage and people's interest in the kids and First Ladies. As far back as the 1790s, a newspaper reports that Nelly and Little Wash, the Washingtons' grandchildren, went to a circus. After President Obama's inauguration, many people searched for coats just like the ones Malia and Sasha wore that day. Chapter three is about the fun that kids have in the White House. Many presidents' kids had lots of pets. Teddy Roosevelt's children had badgers, raccoons, pigs, parrots, baby bears, snakes, a one-legged rooster, and a kangaroo rabbit, among others. Chapter four is about the positives and negatives of living in the White House. Positives include not having to do chores; negatives include having Secret Service agents wherever you go.

People who like history and presidents and want to learn more about them and their families would like this book. Another thing I liked was the format of the book because it has extra facts about the First Ladies and what happened to the children after they left the White House. The many photos and pictures helped me understand some of the stories. I also liked the book because it was entertaining, and I learned something too. Having four chapters worked well for the organization of the book. I wanted to keep reading even though the book ended. White House Kids was one of the best books I've read about the U.S. presidents. I would give the book four stars out of five because I like the format of the book and it covers lots of families who made the White House their home.

Review written by Luke (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Charlesbridge Press for providing a copy of White House Kids for this review.

Have you read White House Kids? How would you rate it?

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  1. Dear Luke,
    My name is Joe Rhatigan, and I am the author of White House Kids. I just wanted to thank you for your kind review. This book has received many good reviews; however, yours stands out because you're my audience. You're the reader I imagined as I crafted this book. So, thanks again, and keep writing!