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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Alice-Miranda on Vacation by Jacqueline Harvey

Alice-Miranda on Vacation by Jacqueline Harvey. An Alice-Miranda Book.

Alice-Miranda on Vacation by Jacqueline Harvey

Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: April 2012
List Price: $14.99
ISBN-13: 9780385739955

Review: The wondrous tale of Alice-Miranda on Vacation by Jacqueline Harvey is full of adventure, mischief, and just a hint of romance, all turning out as a dastardly scheme. The main character, Alice-Miranda is an outgoing 7 year old coming home for the holidays after a long first term at her boarding school. She may have a more exciting trip home than she has ever expected.

Alice-Miranda is thrilled to finally see her mother, Cecelia Highton-Smith, and spend the holidays with her best friend, Jacinta Headlington-Bear, after a long school term. Once she gets home, she visits everyone she had dearly missed including Mrs. Oliver and Shilly, both cooks and cleaners in large mansion where Alice lives. Her father also arrives home and greets her daughter. The next few days, Alice and Jacinta visited Alice's 2 cousins, Poppy and Jasper. Apparently, a rude boy by the name of Lucas had been staying with Poppy and Jasper, and Jacinta and Alice tried to find out more about him. There was eventually a surprise party for Alice's dear Aunt Charlotte, the girlfriend of the charming Lawrence Ridley in the mansion. An incident occurred on the night of the party when Mrs. Oliver took Aunty Gee, the Queen, into Mrs. Oliver's lab where she kept all her inventions and the most important formula to the FDF or Freeze-Dried Foods. Mrs. Oliver went out of the lab for a split second to grab the key to her invention but it was too lateÉAunty Gee had disappeared. She was taken by two strange men who wanted the formula to the FDF. The men meant to take Mrs. Oliver for the formula, but instead they took the Queen! Everyone was worried sick as to whether they would ever see dear Aunty Gee again. As the mystery continues, everyone wonders if Aunty Gee will eve be found!?!

Alice-Miranda on Vacation is a book that will leave readers in suspense. The descriptive setting of this story helped me create a mental picture. An example of the detail is found in the author's quote describing Alice's home, ÒA grand Georgian mansion set over four levels, including a labyrinth of cellars, Highton Hall sat atop a rise in the middle of a vast six-thousand-hectare estate.Ó I think readers can relate to the characters in the story; Alice is a very kind, adventurous girl who loves to just get into things! Jacinta is very kind and polite, but she is more cautious and not as mischievous as Alice! In my opinion, this book would appeal to a younger audience looking for a mystery and just an enjoyable read! The beginning is slow moving, but once you progress beyond the exposition, this story will definitely keep you in suspense. At a point when Mrs. Oliver was searching for Aunty Gee in the lab and found a strange clue, the author writes, ÓMrs. Oliver spied something under the bench. It was a white cloth- and not one she recognized. Oh no! Mrs. Oliver dropped the cloth and exhaled. I hope this isn't what I think it is. Hugh walked over to inspect it. What do you think it is? Chloroform, Mrs. Oliver replied.Ó I would give the selection Alice-Miranda on Vacation 4 stars for an intriguing end, descriptive characters, and a thrilling plot!

Review written by Jillian (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Random House for providing a copy of Alice-Miranda on Vacation for this review.

Have you read Alice-Miranda on Vacation? How would you rate it?

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