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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Review: Conspiracy 365: September by Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365: September by Gabrielle Lord
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Conspiracy 365: September
by Gabrielle Lord
Conspiracy 365

Kane Miller
ISBN-10: 1-935279-58-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-935279-58-7
Publication Date: September, 2010
List Price: $10.99

Review: After 8 months running from thugs, lawyers, and the police, Cal Ormond is not able to rest yet in the 9th book in the Conspiracy 365 series, September, by Gabrielle Lord. Cal is a sixteen year old who is in search of a solution to a mystery that literally holds his life in its hands. Back in January he was warned that he only had 365 days to live. He needed to uncover the truth about the Ormond Singularity by piecing together clues from drawings his father made just before he died. From the clues, he has acquired the Ormond Riddle and the Ormond Jewel. However, in August he loses both the riddle and the jewel to Oriana in exchange for his sister. Now what is he going to do?!

September is filled with both good and bad for Cal. He is able to rescue his sister, and through strengthening relationships with his allies, he is able to make some progress in his quest. But, the enemies working against him seem to grow in number. More and more people are out to capture Cal - if only to gain reward money. Just when it seems he might be making some progress, something happens to take him worlds away from where he needs to be. How will Cal escape from the harrowing mess he is in by the end of September? Is he running out of time? December is a short 3 months away . . . which isn’t much time to figure out what all the clues mean and find a way to clear his name. October can’t come soon enough for readers to see what happens next!

Once again, Gabrielle Lord beats the odds. She has written yet another fantastic addition to one of the most intriguing mystery series to date. September is different from the other books in that a lot of the book relates to positive relationships. The reader gets to know Winter better and the relationships between the characters grow and solidify more in this installment. Time is spent uncovering secretes in Winter’s past which makes for an excellent subplot. Nonetheless, the suspense doesn’t falter. The reader’s heart is torn apart when Cal feels he’s lost his sister, and is relieved when he finds she is alive and well. Plus, it is forever baffling how many different scenarios Cal must go through - each of which is unique and has its own intrigue. Gabrielle Lord should be commended for her creativity in storyline. I certainly know one reader who can’t wait for October to come! This is a phenomenal series for early adolescents - once they start they just won’t be able to stop!

Review written by Margo Nauert (6th grade teacher).

We would like to thank Kane Miller for providing a copy of Conspiracy 365: September for this review.

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  1. This looks like a really exciting read. Thanks for the great review! You might also enjoy a new one out by Mitch Davies called, "A Wind In Montana." The story is about two young people who are forced to make some tough decisions in the midst of pressure. It's about making the right choice, which is a rare story these days.

  2. awesome need to read November and December and iv read all of the

  3. I have read every books including this one except for the remaining three books. They are an amazing read and I recommend to anyone who is interested in mystery books. Can't wait t'ill my school library has the rest =D

  4. Great read, really action pacted and intense.