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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: The Rosmary Spell by Virginia Zimmerman

The Rosmary Spell by Virginia Zimmerman.

The Rosmary Spell by Virginia Zimmerman

Clarion Books
Publication Date: December 2015
List Price: $16.99
ISBN-13: 9780544445376

Review: Do you love books about magic and mystery? What about stories with strange old books? If you do, then you will love the book The Rosemary Spell by Virginia Zimmerman.

The Rosemary Spell is about a girl named Rosemary and her two friends Adam and Shelby. All of them love books and always read together. One day, Rosemary and Adam find a very, very old book in Rosemaryƕs house. They think the book could be magic, but Shelby does not believe them. When Shelby goes missing, Rosemary and Adam know that something about this book is special. They go on a frantic quest to bring Shelby back.The Rosemary Spell is primarily intended for a middle school audience, although adults would like it as well. Rosemary is a very determined person and makes sure that she and Adam stay focused during their quest. The Rosemary Spell is written in the first person. Rosemary is the person talking throughout the whole story. The Rosemary Spell has no pictures and a more difficult vocabulary. The Rosemary Spell is a book about being courageous and caring. I believe the moral of the story is that you should be careful of what you do before you do it.

Review written by Jessica (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Clarion Books for providing a copy of The Rosmary Spell for this review.

Have you read The Rosmary Spell? How would you rate it?

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