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Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Super Sleepover Secrets by Sasha Morton

Super Sleepover Secrets by Sasha Morton.

Super Sleepover Secrets by Sasha Morton

Ticktock Publishing
Publication Date: September 2014
List Price: $10.99
ISBN-13: 9781783251209

Review: Are you sure you're ready for the best and the most awesome sleepover ever? Super Sleepover Secrets explains how to do all of that and more! The Super Sleepover Secrets is the book for you if you like to be a girly girl and have makeovers and do other girly things. Don't worry, if you aren't too much of girly-girl, then just use some ideas or customize it. For example, painting your nails, doing hairstyles, baking treats, watching scary movies, decorating the invitation, etc. This is just some of the activities that this book consumes. Super Sleepover Secrets by Sasha Morton and Kat Kalindi Cameron, is for girls all over the world who want learn the special technique of super sleepovers.

In Super Sleepover Secrets there are a lot of different categories to chose from and follow. There is first, the intro, which explains how to set up the invitations to give the guests and some tips to start off with (not in detail). Next, there is Pampering Secrets. This section shows some pointers and tips on beauty treatments and explains how to do them. After that, the next section is about ways to entertain your guests (crafts). The section after is called Hair Heaven, which is all about hair. This section explains to you on how to do some fab hairstyles and how to also glam it up a bit. Finally, the last section is about food; you definitely need some tasty treats for you and your guests to munch on! This chapter shows how to make brownies, smoothies, etc. Now it is time to hit the couch with your snacks! Let the movie begin! This is the best part before you hit the bed; you and your friends can relax with a snack while the movie plays.

I love Super Sleepover Secrets because girls all ages can learn and host the best sleepover and learn a thing or two about responsibility. It also gives valuable tips and pointers on the side just to keep the reader on track and not left confused. You should read this book if you need a little help before the sleepover or if you have never hosted a sleepover before and you need a guide to help you. No matter what, Super Sleepover Secrets can help host the best and most awesome sleepover. Even if you are as old as thirteen, there is something in there for every type of girl.

Review written by Khushali (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Ticktock for providing a copy of Super Sleepover Secrets for this review.

Have you read Super Sleepover Secrets? How would you rate it?

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