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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Arrival by Chris Morphew

Arrival by Chris Morphew. Book 1 of The Phoenix Files.

Arrival by Chris Morphew

Kane Miller
Publication Date: October 2013
List Price: $6.99
ISBN-13: 9781610670913

Review: You just moved to Phoenix, you learn the world will be destroyed in 100 days; a crazy hobo is your only guide to save the world. The police are after you. How would you react? In Chris Morphew's book Phoenix Files Arrival, a group of friends find themselves in that situation. But this is only the beginning of the adventure. Phoenix Files Arrival is only the first book in the exciting new Phoenix Files series.

"Saving the world and super powered hobos", this is Luke's life. Luke is an average boy who has just moved to Phoenix. Since he had been here he suspected something was weird about Phoenix. Could it be the security officers all around the town, or the fact that the neighborhood hobo has sent Luke, Peter, and his other friend Jordan some hard evidence? Evidence that the head of security is plotting against the human race and will annihilate the world in 100 days. After all that has happened a secret meeting is established between the hobo, Luke, Peter, and Jordan to discuss saving the world. At that meeting, the police come and try to arrest the hobo, but the hobo didn't go down without a fight. He also gave Luke, Peter and Jordan clues to a hidden map. The map gives Peter and Jordan the location to two places that give them information needed to save the world. But can they overcome all the obstacles in their way to save the world?

Suspense, action, and a crazy hobo, all you can ask for in a book. To me, the Phoenix Files Arrival was an extraordinary book. I loved this book because of all the suspense. The following passage is an example of the adventure: "It was all real. Every last stomach-churning bit. And Ms. Pryor knew it." The many cliffhangers kept me turning the pages. The creative plot and interesting characters gave the book depth. I especially liked when Luke, Peter and Jordan were faced with a new dilemma that could lead to disaster with any small mistake. For instance, when they were sneaking around in top-secret facilities. The action came into play when the mischievous Luke, Peter, Jordan and the hobo got together in the meeting at the airport. In addition, more action ensued when the hobo became imprisoned behind bars. I would recommend this book for anyone fourth grade to seventh grade student. I think this because although I loved the book, it may be harder to process when you are smaller or too easy when you are older. I think that some of the words are too advanced for littler kids, like Òcohort.Ó I also think the book would be good for a boy, or any girl who likes action and fast-paced novels. I also believe that this story would be good for any reader who likes inspiring characters. The characters in the story are inspiring because they take on the world even with all of the events going on in their own lives. For example, Luke's parents divorced. I believe that taking on the world is an important quality in a character that I think all stories should have. My final reason why I love this book is because of Chris Morphew's excellent writing style. ÒIf this thing is legit, we could be in serious trouble,Ó and ÒThen a shoulder collided with my face and I was suddenly on the ground.Ó These are examples of how Chris Morphew creates suspense. To me, the suspense that was created tied the story together. All in all, I loved Phoenix Files Arrival, and I encourage you to read this remarkable book.

Review written by Sam (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Kane Miller for providing a copy of Arrival for this review.

Have you read Arrival? How would you rate it?

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