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Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Now Open the Box by Dorothy Kunhardt

Now Open the Box by Dorothy Kunhardt.

Now Open the Box by Dorothy Kunhardt

The New York Review Children's Collection
Publication Date: September 2013
List Price: $16.95
ISBN-13: 9781590177082

Review: My dearest little Peewee what will happen to you? Dorothy Kunhardt renowned as author of Pat the bunny wrote a new adventure Now Open The Box is about Peewee, the little joyful red dog and the circus! But what will happen when Peewee grows will it affect the whole circus?

Now Open The Box is a book about the littlest, cutest dog in the world Peewee and he stars in a circus. Even though Peewee doesn't know any tricks people still come to see the most, adorable little dog they'd ever seen. But when Peewee starts to grow does the ring master have to make a shocking choice and have Peewee be forced to leave the circus and say goodbye to all his friends the fat lady, the thin man the elephants and so many more of his friends? But what will happen to the circus will they be forced to close down the circus because they have no main attraction? Find out in Now Open The Box.

I liked that fact that Dorothy Kunhardt used age appropriate words for the readers because 2 year olds would love this. I also liked that they came up with some creative illustrations for the characters for the circus from the lady hanging in the air just by her nose tied to rope to the donkey with two head. They are colorful pictures that two year olds would love. The characters are also very creative like a strong little baby, a very tall but thin man and so much more! Now Open The Box is perfect for little toddlers in fact I read the book to my little sister and she loved it after I finished it she asked me to read it again. Then once I was finished the seconded time, done she got toys and pretended it was a circus. So toddlers would be the perfect audience for this book. So if you read this to toddlers I think they would love just like my little sister. Also if you are looking for a book that demonstrates that things can get better or to always look at the bright side of life, this is the book you are looking for.

Review written by Ian (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Media Masters Publicity for providing a copy of Now Open the Box for this review.

Have you read Now Open the Box? How would you rate it?

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