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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review: Wuftoom by Mary G. Thompson

Wuftoom by Mary G. Thompson.

Wuftoom by Mary G. Thompson

Clarion Books
Publication Date: May 2012
List Price: $16.99
ISBN-13: 9780547637242

Review: An out-of-this world book would be fantastic to read. That's why I recommend reading Wuftoom by Mary G. Thompson. Although this is a one-time book meaning it's not part of a series and the author isn't an award winner- yet this book is winner worthwhile, stand-alone novel that is deserving of many awards! Mary G. Thompson wrote her heart out in this exceptional book about an ordinary boy who turns into an extraordinary species known as "Wuftoom".

Wuftoom are worm-like creatures, some with human heads that remember nothing after their full transformation including their own name. The main characters the story is based upon are a boy named Evan and his over-worked mother. The whole reason that Evan is transforming is because of his excited imagination and his eagerness to investigate a field, but he accidentally steps in pink goo that starts to transform him into a Wuftoom. In the book, there is an entire chapter on the Wuftoom and how Evan starts to transform. Evan's overworked mother, though, isn't afraid of Evan and visits him, knowing that he won't be staying for much longer. However, there is one "thing" as Evan calls it, which wants him to become a Wuftoom. One reason that the "thing" wants Evan to transform is because the "thing" is Evan's future kin, Wuftoom. Excited his "proem" (prodigy or really, larva) is transforming, Evan is visited by that Wuftoom frequently as Evan transforms into a Wuftoom. If another person were in Evan's position, they'd want to reverse the transformation, which is exactly what Evan tries to do, but accidently starts a war with blackmailing the Vitflys who are the sworn enemy of the Wuftoom. Accidently, Evan endangers himself, his kin, his only family, and the Vitflys as well, soon after fully transforming into a Wuftoom. However, two people know that Evan is a Wuftoom, his mother and his kin, one of which wants to help Evan escape the Wuftoom and to be free. Will Evan help save his kin and his mother?

Wuftoom is a book that is heart-warming even though it contains conflict with family and a war combining to create a one of a kind story about an ordinary boy turning into an out of the ordinary mutant worm. The way Mary G. Thompson created these out-of-the-ordinary characters and developed a mixed theme between conflict and love really completed this one of a kind book having great explanation of each character in the fullest detail about every little part about each event, character, theme, lesson, etc. making the book pull together around a mixed theme showed throughout the entire novel. Reading this book will create a love for reading in everyone, including the ones who don't read because of how they believe books seem like, lifting anyone into a mood to read their mind to pieces that the books the read are so intriguing and mind-blowing creating a little world of imagining what books really can do to you. Enjoying this novel wouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows this book because they have read it and absolutely enjoyed the whole entire book, making them want to read as much as they can by Mary G. Thompson and then any other book. Wuftoom is an award-worthy book that I give 5 out of 5 stars for all of the action like when the Vitflys and the Wuftoom wage war on each other that was combing with love and mutant tribes, making it one of the, interesting, intriguing, odd yet terrific best books I've ever read ever. I highly recommend this exceptional novel for anyone intrigued by a fictional love and war novel of any kind to read this book and enjoy it to the fullest extent!

Review written by Sam P. (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for providing a copy of Wuftoom for this review.

Have you read Wuftoom? How would you rate it?

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