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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game by Sean Austin

Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game by Sean Austin. An Echo Hunt Novel.

Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game by Sean Austin

AAA Reality Games
Publication Date: May 2012
List Price: $11.99
ISBN-13: 9780983726401

Review: Dangerous, thrilling, and suspenseful, are just a few words that I would use to describe, Echo's Revenge, the first installment of the Ultimate Game series written by Sean Austin. This action packed thriller is jam-packed with adventure and will keep you at the edge of your seat. I was able to finish this book fairly quickly, since I couldn't put it down. One of the reasons is because it is about one of my favorite things, gaming. The main character in this story is Reggie; he is part of a group of gamers that is being hunted by Echo-7 (a robot that escaped the virtual world.) Imagine this, the nation's best gamers all joining forces to defeat the 4th dimension……….fear. They all come to a focus group because the AAA Company wants to make their gaming experience more realistic. For once, besides beating each other online with virtual characters in a make believe realm, these gamers actually interacted with each other. Little do they know how much they will really have to work together in the near future.

Meet Reggie King aka "Waiting for you" (Online ID/gamer tag), the Nation's best gamer. Reggie and his brother Jeremy have a stepfather-Asa that physically and emotionally abuses them. They have adapted to Asa's nonsense and turn to gaming as a way to escape it. However, it isn't just running away from home Jeremy and Reggie have to worry about. Now, in addition to escaping their abusive step-father they are running from an evil robot who is trying to capture and enslave them. Shortly after attending the focus group, Reggie realizes that he is being hunted down; the predator is echo-7, a robot from the game has gone berserk, the prey are the gamers. His hunting pattern has started in the Northeast of the U.S.A. and will end up all the way in California, near Sacramento. What this means is that Reggie and his brother Jeremy will be the last victims since they are currently traveling to Pasadena, California; which happens to be relatively close to Sacramento. Therefore, Reggie and Jeremy have to make haste and get to somewhere safe, to Aaron King, Reggie's real father. On this runaway plan or as Reggie and Jeremy called it, "Operation Thunderbolt", they encountered many helping hands, such as drivers that would bring them closer and closer to Aaron King's house. Fortunately, they narrowly avoid echo many times, just by the "skin of their teeth." Despite the constant setbacks and hindrances they face, they beat the odds add are one house away from their destination when both Reggie and Jeremy suddenly lose consciousness and wake up in a dark and unfamiliar place. Where are they? Who has captured them? And, are they enslaved forever? Often times I've wondered what it would be like if the video game that I was playing, was reality. Well, after reading this book I'm glad that video games are purely fantastical, or are they? You'll just have to read Echo's Revenge, by Sean Austin, and find out for yourself.

Review written by Kaleb (6th grade student).

We would like to thank AAA Reality Games for providing a copy of Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game for this review.

Have you read Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game? How would you rate it?

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