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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: A Plague Year by Edward Bloor

A Plague Year by Edward Bloor.

A Plague Year by Edward Bloor

Knopf Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: September 2011
List Price: $15.99
ISBN-13: 9780375856815

Review: Meth, a dangerous drug, turns a small town upside down. In the story A Plague Year by Edward Bloor, Tom Coleman, a normal boy who works at a local food store living a typical life is experiencing some bizarre things. For example, people are stealing unusual items from stores and grocery carts have gone missing. But that isn't what is really happening. Meth users have gotten arrested throughout the town for using, selling and cooking's a result Zombies appear all over the town threatening the lives of the residents of Black Water. Tom realizes that his life, as well as his family's lives, is in danger. He knows he must do everything he can to protect them.

Black Water Pennsylvania changes after 9/11, with an increase in the usage of illegal drugs. Tom is forced to join a counseling group with his sister, Lily that is geared to training kids to avoid drugs. They then learn about all the different drugs that are a big problem. And soon realize how big of an issue meth usage has become. People everywhere are taking this mysterious drug, thinking it makes them feel amazing. But they soon learn that it doesn't. The euphoria only lasts for about a week or two, and then it terrorizes users for the rest of their lives. People everywhere are found dead because of meth including some of Tom's closest friends and family. With everything on the line, Tom has to help his family and friends avoid meth, because if they do they will be lost forever. With everything happening, the question for Tom is: can he survive A Plague Year?

A Plague Year is a great book full of drama and action with some thrilling twists that made me not want to put the book down. For example, when Tom is working at the Food Giant, two men in ski masks were trying to steal ingredients for meth and Tom has to face who were behind those masks. I also liked how the author makes every part of the book a never-ending thrill ride. I think this book would be good for kids in 6th grade and above because of the content. All in all, I think the book is great book for someone who loves crime, drama, and suspense all throughout the book. A Plague Year deserves 5 out of 5 stars.

Review written by Sam K. (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Random House for providing a copy of A Plague Year for this review.

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