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Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Review: Dreadful Fates: What a Shocking Way to Go! by Tracey Turner

Dreadful Fates: What a Shocking Way to Go! by Tracey Turner
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Dreadful Fates: What a Shocking Way to Go!
by Tracey Turner

Kids Can Press
ISBN-10: 1-554-53644-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-554-53644-3
Publication Date: February, 2011
List Price: $14.95

Review: Have you ever thought about getting killed by a turnip? Did you ever think you would die from a poodle or molasses? In the nonfiction book, Dreadful Fates by Tracey Turner and Sally Kindburg you learn of the strangest ways to die as well as some of the weirdest human events in history.

The chapters in Dreadful Fates are "Squashed, Bashed, Speared and Tripped" which includes unusual ways to die. Next, there is "Dying of Laughter" and "Bits and Pieces" which has information about what happened to famous peoples' body parts after death, The next chapters are "Fatal Foods", "Animal Encounters", "Unusual Funerals" and "Curious Coffins" which has a story in it about a candy maker with a chocolate coffin. The other chapters are "Died in Action", "Murders and Executions", "Life After Death" which is a chapter about famous people after they die. The next three chapters are "Fatal Mistakes", "Ironic Fates" and "Last Words and Epitaphs". Each chapter has many short stories and some of them are illustrated by pictures.

One of my favorite parts of this book is the history. Some parts of the book show you the past cultures and ways of life of the past. There also are many historical figures such as tyrants, rulers, explorers and philosophers. Some of the stories are even humorous such as the one about Virgil and his funeral for his pet fly. Some of them are so strange that they are unbelievable, such as the one about the teenagers in the golf course. I also like how the deaths are unusual instead of boring. One thing I dislike though is some of the gruesome parts which at first made me feel uneasy about reading the book, but in the end, it is too interesting to stop reading. Although some of the pictures are funny a couple put images in my head that I was trying to block out. For those who are very easily disgusted I suggest that you do not read this book. Most of the stories are interesting though and make you want to learn more about the people in it. Since the stories are short and are bullet points it creates a flow to the book that makes it go at a fast pace. I rate this book a 9/10 because it is great, but not the best book I have ever read. I also suggest this book for kids in middle school or anyone older. So the next time you are out for a drive, double check to make sure the people in the car next to you have no turnips.

Review written by Shannon (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Raab Associates, Inc. for providing a copy of Dreadful Fates: What a Shocking Way to Go! for this review.

Have you read Dreadful Fates: What a Shocking Way to Go!? How would you rate it?

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