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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Review: Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers by Walter Rouzer

Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers by Walter Rouzer
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Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers
by Walter Rouzer
Rebel Stone

ISBN-10: 0-595-52313-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-595-52313-9
Publication Date: April, 2009
List Price: $18.95

Review: Action, mystery, adventure, ghosts, and aliens what do these all have in common? A book! The book is entitled Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers is written by Walter Rouzer. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is not overly long like some books, and it is still packed with awesome action, mystery, and adventure in one book.

The story is about two teenage super sleuths, Rebel and Becky , who take on ghosts and extraterrestrial beings. In the book there is a teenager named Rebel Stone. Rebel, is a three year experienced ghost hunter that likes to snoop around. He and his family just moved into the McGuire mansion in Shadowridge. They can stay there as long as nobody goes into the master suit. In the house is a black and white photograph that Rebel’s mom is making colorful with paint. Somehow the painting keeps changing on its own. Becky, who also lives in Shadowridge, sees Rebel’s flyer about his ghost hunting business and calls him because she is interested in what a ghost hunter does. Eventually, Rebel and Becky think they see alien activity all around Shadowridge in Becky’s aunt’s cornfield. These aliens invade the cornfield because their planet is being destroyed. But, is it really extraterrestrial activity? If it is, will Rebel and Becky defeat the aliens? Read the book to find out.

This book is an adventure and a mystery. At first I wasn’t sure how the alien and ghost theme would fit together. The author did a good job at bringing both of these themes together by having the aliens behave similar to the ghosts. What I didn’t like about the book was how author did not describe what people looked like and did not go into much detail about the settings. When the settings were described, I felt like if I hadn’t been to similar places before, I would have not had a good idea about the surroundings. Nonetheless, I would recommend this book for anyone in fifth grade and older because it has semi difficult words in it. Also it has humor the younger age groups might not understand, like the food dictionary jokes. For example, Bellarouse says “What cut of mustard might that be?” The book is very fast moving but built up suspense at the appropriate time. I thought the story line was very fun to read and to think about. I really hope there will be a sequel coming soon that involves a scary farm that may have ghost activity. Out of a scale of 1-5 with 1 being worst and 5 being the best I would rate this book a 4 1/2.

Review written by Kevin (6th grade student).

We would like to thank Walter Rouzer for providing a copy of Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers for this review.

Have you read Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers? How would you rate it?

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